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  • 午後診 16:00~18:00(月・火・水・金)



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  2. Marumo Breast information for foreigners

Marumo Breast information for foreigners外国の方へ

Clinic Name

MARUMO BREAST Specialists of Breast Disease.

About Marumo

Our hospital was opened in 1972 as Marumo Hospital in Hongo, Nagoya city, as a hospital specializing in breast cancer. For more than 50 years since its opening, our breast surgeons and other specialized staff have been engaged in clinical trials of surgical treatment, drug treatment, and the development of numerous breast cancer drugs and therapies for breast cancer patients.

In April 2017, the hospital was transformed into the Marmo Breast Clinic, which provides accurate and prompt diagnosis of breast diseases, follow-up care for postoperative breast cancer patients, and outpatient care mainly for breast cancer screening.

About Marumo

Medical Service and Care

  • Diagnosis of breast diseases (e.g., breast cancer)
  • Breast Cancer Screening(Mammography, US echo, Biopsy )
  • Referral to hospital for surgery
  • Postoperative care for breast cancer
  • Nagoya city medical checkup

Clinic Information

Pref:2-124-1 Hongo,Meitou-ku,Nagoya,Aichi,Japan
Telephone :052-771-6111(Administration Office)

Morning exam 9:00-12:00 (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat)
Afternoon exam 16:00-18:00 (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri)
Holiday Thu, Sun and, Sat afternoon,

Clinic Information

About reservation

You can reserve by phone or Web(smily reserve) in Japanese.

*Please note that all doctors can speak English, but other staff can speak very little. And we have

By Car

Please Exit the Tomei Highway at Nagoya IC. At first signal,turn to the right.
Through an elevated railroad,turn to the right at first signal.
And you can use our free parking(behind) or affiliated Hongo parking(next to Clinic).


By Public Transportation

Marumo Breast is little less than 30-min from JR Nagoya Station
on the Nagoya-Subway Higashiyama-Line.
Please Take a train bound for Fujigaoka.
Get off at Hongou Station. An 1-min walk from Hongou Station.